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 ERA-Chemistry’s Open Initiative

A new funding instrument of national European research funding agencies in the field of Chemistry
The idea of the Open Initiative
Excellent researchers are creative researchers, who need a maximum of freedom in order to preserve their creativity. Ideally, creativity should not be bonded to strategic considerations. The Open Initiative is an attempt to approach this ideal as closely as possible.
The general philosophy of the Open Initiative is to enable every researcher in Europe to choose his or her subject of research by him/herself and to choose his or her best cooperation Partner(s), independent of the national affiliation. Such joint investigator-driven project proposals should be accepted at any time by the national research funding organisations concerned, independent of deadlines, and should be jointly processed and decided.
ERA-Chemistry is convinced that such an initiative is closing a gap in the market. Almost every European research funding organisation has programmes to fund unilateral undisclosed projects, also in cooperation with other domestic partner organisations. However, a trans-border cooperation is usually not possible if the countries do not have specific agreements in place. Even if agreements are in existence, such transnational proposals are very often not reviewed and sometimes not decided jointly between the respective research councils. The EC and the ESF enable funding of transnational projects, however, except for only very few cases, existing programmes are always focused on specific topics and involve large consortia. National European research funding agencies have not generally accepted instruments to process small transnational bi- or trilateral proposals for collaborative projects. The same is true for the newly established European Research Council. This is exactly the gap which is filled by the Open Initiative of ERA-Chemistry; it is implemented without any supranational organisation, but solely between the national research funding agencies involved.

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